The regime has been shaken to its foundations. Security forces have prevented armed protesters from seizing military bases.

Unlike the massive protests that had erupted back in 2009 and 1999, the unrest this time around is not confined to Tehran, Iran’s capital. It has arisen from the regime’s heartlands, Qom (Shia holy city), Mashhad and Isfahan, both well known for supporting the Islamists followed by 60 other major and small cities across Iran.

The slogans this time are secular and have nothing to do with the reformers affiliated to the regime.

Some of the slogans translate: “Reformers, Pragmatists, time has run out on you (your time is up)” – “Khamenei (The Leader) leave the country” – “Death to the dictator (Leader is named the dictator)” – “This is our last message, the system is our target” – “We either die, or take back our country” – “  Leave Syria, act for your own people” – “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, we only die for Iran”.

It’s not just a student revolt scattered demonstrations for certain political matter nor is it a movement to support a certain faction of the regime, as it was back in 2009 when reformers invited people to support them.

The poor and under privileged are demanding a better life style, youth want their basic freedom back, government employees are demanding fair pay, seven million educated un-employed are asking for jobs, millions whom have deposited their life savings to the so called Islamic banking systems have lost their money and want it back, women are standing for their basic equal rights and have been fighting against compulsory Hijab (Islamic dress code) for years and everyone is disgusted for the embezzlement of billions of dollars by individuals affiliated to the Islamic system.

Iranian artists are also openly criticizing the system and joining the protestors. So far Tahmineh Milani (Famous Movie Director), Parinaz Izadyar (actress), Hamid Farokh nejad (actor), Alireza Aasar (Singer), etc… have joined the people.

Iran is a modern country striving to join the world community. Majority of Iranians are the most secular minded in the Middle East. We need the support of freedom lovers all over the world and don’t expect governments of western countries to support the Islamic regime in Iran.

 By: Farjam Behnam



A Secular Movement has erupted in Iran

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