“Death to the dictator,”“Death to high prices,” “Reza Shah, god bless your soul,”“Death to unemployment,  and “Incompetent officials, resign, resign” were among the slogans demonstrators shouted out while protesting in Isfahan, Karaj and Rasht.

Numerous videos of the protests have been posted on social media, showing the presence of anti-riot police units.

Several opposition groups and activists, among them NIC (National Iranian Congress), Amad News, Iran Almanac, Iranncorg and etc… invited people to take the streets on this day over high prices, soaring inflation and unemployment.


کرج ۹ مرداد: فیلمی از تظاهرات پر شور مردم علیه ظلم و استبداد دینی حاکم👈توپ تانک فشفشه آخوندی باید گم بشه

Posted by Farhad Parsamanesh on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Protests have broken out in several cities

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