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ABDI, Mr. Abbas [Journalists]

DOB: 1959

POB: Tehran

E: Graduated from Polytechnic University of Tehran with a degree in Chemical Engineering in Polymer.

PP: Journalist, Member of Islamic Iran Partnership Front (left wing)

C: Since 1981, he has started studying and writing on sociology. His studies have resulted in publication of several books including: The Impact of Prison on the Prisoner (1992), The Social Factors of Murder in Iran (1988), Themes in Civil Sociology in Iran (1992), A test of Theory in Behavioral Sciences (1991), Power, Law and Culture (1998) as well as collection of political articles and writings. He has written over 15 articles presented in seminars and published in academic journals on sociology in Iran.

He has also done research on such topics as: Reasons for experts willing to leave the country; the change in naming children of Tehran during the years 1976-1996; the extent to which Tehran residents benefit from the press; and the split between the elite and people.

He has held various research -related positions including: Director of Social Research Department, Attorney General’s Office (1985-1989), Deputy Director of the Center for Strategies Studies (1990-1992); Founding Member of the Research Group “AYANDEH” to date.

In addition, He has been active in the area of journalism. He was a member of the Editorial Board of Salam daily newspaper published in Tehran; and a member of the Board of Governors of the Iranian Journalists’ Trade Union. He served as Chief Editor of Bahar Publication in 1995. The result of his journalistic activities has been the publication of over 750 articles and editorials in Salam newspaper and other publications during 1998-1990.

He has continued his political activities during the past two decades and has been arrested and imprisoned for eight months due to political and journalistic activities in 1993. Since 1996, he has been unofficially banned from writing in Salam newspaper.

Abbas Abdi was one of the leading figures in the embassy takeover, but now, like many of his comrades, he is a prominent advocate of reform at home, and detente with the outside world.

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