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 Top News Head Lines (2014-04-29):

Tehran to Spend $10 Billion on Expansion of Public Transport
Iranians brace for price hikes as government rolls back on subsidies
Human Rights, Economy Test Iran’s Leader
It is time Rouhani broke his silence on human rights abuses
Iran said planning to target decoy U.S. aircraft carrier in drills
Iran hails Palestinian truce, but silent on unity government
Holocaust Denial and the Iranian Regime
Egypt sentences 683 to death in latest mass trial of dissidents

Results of a poll by a university research project

Opinion Poll

Opinion polls are usually either biased or scientifically inaccurate, hence it is difficult to believe their outcome. However, the news site, Parsineh, has recently published the results of a poll which has been conducted by a university research project. The outcome of this poll tallies with the prediction of Atieh Bahar Consulting (ABC) for the first round of elections on 12 June.

ABC’s prediction is based on a segmentation of the Iranian society into various age, income class, urban/rural and educational groups and then gauging the voter behavior in each group.

The results published by Parsineh indicate the following tendencies among the electorate (the sample population was 35,000 citizens):

•Mir Hossein Mousavi: 24.8%
•Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 23.6%
•Mehdi Karrubi: 22.3%
•Mohsen Rezai: 8.5%

There is no doubt that the mood could shift enormously between now and the election date, especially based on internal and external events, but it is clear that the elections will go into a second round with Mousavi and Karrubi having the highest potential for joining Ahmadinejad in the second round.

May 4, 2009



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