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  News Head Lines (2014-04-29):


Tehran to Spend $10 Billion on Expansion of Public Transport
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tehrans municipality plans to spend as much as $10 billion as part of a five-year plan to upgrade the capitals infrastructure and keep up with population growth, an Iranian official said. This may be a grea…

Iranians brace for price hikes as government rolls back on subsidies
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iranian households have weathered a series of economic disasters since December 2010, when the implementation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejads subsidy reforms led the prices of fuel, utilities and groceries to…

Human Rights, Economy Test Iran’s Leader
-------------------------------------------------------------- Less than a year after Iranian President Hasan Rouhani was elected in a landslide vote on a platform of change, he faces his first domestic crisis, as public anger roils his administration. Many Iranians who voted for Mr. Rouh…

It is time Rouhani broke his silence on human rights abuses
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tehran Universitys outspoken professor, Sadegh Zibakalam, was asked recently in a heated debate on national radio why he fought to overthrow the Shah and endured two-year jail sentence. Furious about Zibakalams…

Iran said planning to target decoy U.S. aircraft carrier in drills
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Iranian newspaper is reporting that the countrys military plans to target a mock-up American aircraft carrier during upcoming war games. The Sunday report by independent Haft-e Sobh daily quotes Adm. Ali F…

Iran hails Palestinian truce, but silent on unity government
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Iran, a staunch enemy of Israel, greeted on Saturday the reconciliation pact between the two main Palestinian factions, but kept silent on their deal for a unity government. The Islamic Republic of Iran welcom…

Holocaust Denial and the Iranian Regime
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, we know that theres at least one person who wont be marking Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday. Observe that no one in Europe dares to speak about the Holocaust even though its not clear what the reality i…

Egypt sentences 683 to death in latest mass trial of dissidents
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Egyptian court in the southern city of Minya sentenced 683 people to death Monday in the most recent of a series of mass trials that have alarmed the international community, nine months after a military co…





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